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Innovation and Characteristics of Operation and Service Mode of Logistics Enterprises in China (Special Issue, No.47, 2018)


By Liu Lihui & Chen Feng, Research Team on “Development Strategy for Modern Logistics Industry in Hebei Province”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.47, 2018 (Total 1614) 2018-10-26

Abstract: With China’s economy entering a stage of high-quality development, logistics enterprises play an important supporting role in the process of industrialization, informatization, new types of urbanization and agricultural modernization, and have a huge space for development. Focusing on fostering a number of large-scale integrated logistics enterprise groups and logistics service brands with international competitiveness by 2020, we need to effectively push the logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, open up the logistics information chain, and encourage all kinds of logistics enterprises to constantly innovate their operation and service modes. First, logistics enterprises should respond to demands quickly and improve their responsiveness to customer service; second, logistics enterprises should provide overall service, shifting from traditional logistics services such as mere transportation and warehousing to integrated supply chain services; third, logistics enterprises need to implement standard operation to realize standardization, routine process and informatization in management and service; fourth, logistics enterprises need to use network organization to realize deep integration of the supply chain with the Internet of things. While promoting the wise development, green development and sustainable development of logistics enterprises, we also need to deal with the risks and challenges faced by the current leading enterprises, such as being large but not strong, lacking talents and so on.

Key words: logistics enterprise, service mode, innovation