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Innovation-Oriented Development of China’s Trade-Based Logistics Enterprises in a New Era (Special Issue, No.49, 2018)


By Li Yaokun, Research Team on “Strategy Research on the Development of Modern Logistics Industry in Hebei Province”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.49, 2018 (Total 1616) 2018-10-26

Abstract: The report of the 19th CPC National Congress points out that China needs to improve infrastructure networks such as logistics to meet the demands generated by supply systems with improving quality. Trade-based logistics enterprises take up a great proportion in China's logistics economy, while the extensive, costly, risky and unsustainable development mode of its enterprises is generating prominent problems. Therefore, it is urgent for these enterprises to accelerate the transformation of their development modes and implement comprehensive innovation-based measures to adapt to the overall changes in the logistics industry. In this regard, domestic trade-based logistics enterprises can develop professional, systematic and smart modes, connect with regional and industrial development, go global and seek sustainable growth to explore new development pathways. The major solutions are as follows: relevant sectors need to build a modern professional logistics service system, create a comprehensive logistics financial service system and develop global trade and supply chain systems. Green logistics, circulating logistics industry and high-end think-tank research platforms should also be built. The above-mentioned policy options should be put into practice by focusing on the following points: specialized third-party logistics, modern logistics network, comprehensive logistics finance, multi-tiered E-commerce, smart information platform, global supply chain management, modern logistics park and high-level logistics think-tanks.

Key words: logistics industry, trade-based logistics enterprises, innovation-oriented development