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Experience and Englightenment of Major Maritime Nations in the Management of Fishery Resources (No.185, 2018)


By Han Yang, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.185, 2018 (Total 5460) 2018-11-2

Abstract: Overfishing in global maritime fisheries has been a prominent problem, and the overall sustainability of fishery resources has declined significantly. Early maritime powers such as the US, Peru, Norway, Japan and the ROK, and some other coastal developing countries like China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines have experienced the same problem of overfishing in maritime fisheries to a greater or lesser extent. Before the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea went into effect in 1994, the US, EU and Noway (a non-EU country), along with Japan, the ROK and some other major maritime countries had faced the problem of overfishing in the fisheries, but they adopted a series of management measures including the input control and output control to resolve the problem. After years of practice and exploration, good results have been achieved. In a bid to solve the problem of overfishing at China’s offshores as soon as possible and promote the sustainable development of China’s maritime fishery, it is highly necessary for us to draw lessons from the successful experience of the world major maritime fishery powers to improve China’s management of marine fishery resources. On one hand, we should improve the evaluation mechanism on the marine fishery resources and fishing permit system in the respect of input control. On the other hand, we should better the total fishing volume system and fishing quota management through output control.

Key words: fishery resources, overfishing, management, input control, output control