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Proactive Efforts in Establishing the Quality and Safety Assurance System for Agricultural Products at County Level---- The Practice and Enlightenments from Shenxian County in Shandong Province (No.186, 2018)


By Jin Sanlin & Zhao Xinrui, Research Team on “The Study on the Target and Strategic Focus of High-Quality Development”

Research Report, No.186, 2018 (Total 5461) 2018-11-5

Abstract: Counties are the main battlefields for the quality and safety improvement of agricultural products. Shenxian County of Liaocheng City in Shandong Province has made proactive efforts in establishing the quality and safety assurance system for agricultural products in line with its own conditions under the overall planning of the municipal and provincial government. Their work can be summed up as follows: improve the county supervision system of “3-3-1-1” and earnestly delegate supervision power to grass-level departments; create and innovate prescriptions for agricultural chemicals to ease the regulatory fault in the process from the circulation to production; implement centralized management for the quality trace labels on the county’s agricultural products so as to give play to the quality signaling role of the labels. These innovations mentioned above not only enhanced the overall quality and safety of Shenxian’s agricultural products but also provided useful experience for other districts. However, Shenxian County is also faced with some problems in improving the quality and safety of agricultural products. For example, the regulation on small and scattered agricultural households is hard to conduct, grass-level regulatory force is relatively weak and there are also difficulties and problems in the segmentation of supervision institution. These problems are common in many districts, which calls for further policy improvement for solution.

Key words: the quality and safety of agricultural products, county assurance mechanism, Shenxian County in Shandong Province