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Improve the Hierarchical Governance Mechanism and Release the Vitality of Collective Assets--A Field Survey on the Reform of Rural Collective Property Right System in Meitan County, Guizhou Province (No.190, 2018)


By Cheng Yu, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC & Wan Qixiong, Renmin University of China

Research Report, No.190, 2018 (Total 5465) 2018-11-9

Abstract: The reform of the rural collective property right system in China needs to focus on the management and operation mechanism of the collective economy after completing the quantitative evaluation of the shares of the collective assets and clarifying the rights and interests of the members, so as to ensure the effective management and growth of the collective economy, and only by so doing could the property rights and interests of the collective members be fully guaranteed and realized. The practice experience of Meitan County of Guizhou province in pushing forward the reform shows that the overall promotion of the reform of collective property rights system needs to standardize the definition of collective members at the national level to ensure the total coverage of protection for rural residents, clarify the integrity of collective assets and the unity of collective management, separate the social and economic attributes of collective assets based on the division of the property rights of collective assets, guide the establishment of a hierarchical governance mechanism that appropriately separates the rights and interests management of collective members from the market-oriented management of external collective assets, and explore an open and cooperative management system that combines unified management with decentralized management and external connections, so as to provide institutional guarantee for collective assets to access the market and release their business vitality.

Key words: collective property, governance mechanism, Meitan county