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The Most Strict Protection Rests on Scientific Protection
--An Interpretation of the Most Strict Protection on National Parks’ Administration (No.191, 2018)


By Su Hongqiao & Su Yang, Management World magazine

Research Report, No.191, 2018 (Total 5466) 2018-11-12

Abstract: The most strict protection has become a high-frequency word in ecological and environmental protection. But does it mean that the total compliance with current laws and regulations is exactly the most strict protection? With regard to the natural reserves and in light of the relationship between ecological system and the production and daily life of the local people, we need to draw on the domestic and foreign experience and take the mountains, water, forests, farmland and local people as a life community in making overall plan. And a negative forbidden list and a positive guiding list relating to the actions of the local people and the local governments should be formulated in line with the detailed protection needs of different regions of natural reserves based on scientific research findings. Thus, the protection needs will be met and the results of protection will benefit all the people through a green development pattern shored up by supporting institutional arrangements such as conservation easement system and franchise operation mechanism for green brands. By so doing, the mechanism featured with collective efforts from all parts will be formed, and it is exactly what we call the most strict protection which combines both rationality and feasibility. In other words, the most strict protection rests on the protection in line with scientific requirements and in the most strict manner.

Key words: scientific protection, national parks, adaptive management, the most strict protection