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New Technological Revolution’s Impacts on China’s Regional Economy and Policy Options (No.192, 2018)


By Sun Zhiyan, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.192, 2018 (Total 5467) 2018-11-13

Abstract: The third hi-tech revolution based on information technology has become an important driving force for reshaping regional economy. The inter-regional flow and spatial aggregation mode of different factors such as labor, capital and technology have undergone fundamental changes. This paper mainly analyzes the correlation between spatial layout and location-based choice relating to manufacturing industry, mid-to-high-end service industry and traditional service industry, and gives an overview of the impact of new-generation technological progress on China’s regional economy. The division of functions based on supply chain has become the core driving force for reshaping the composition of regional economy. The traditional industrial division between regions will be replaced by the functional division of supply chain. The characteristics of discontinuous and non-contiguous industrial spatial layout tend to loom large. The traditional spatial development pattern with the heartland at the core is changing, and the spatial structure of urban system will evolve from scale level to functional level. Based on the above-mentioned analysis, the paper puts forward relevant policy options on how to effectively adapt to the further regional functional division and the new trend of factor flow driven by technological progress.

Key words: new technological revolution, regional economy, division of regional functions