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Policy Options on Innovation-Oriented Protection and Utilization of Chinese Cultural Heritage (No.200, 2018)


By Li Kun, Research Team on “Innovation-Oriented Development of Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.200, 2018 (Total 5475) 2018-11-22

Abstract: As tangible and intangible cultural heritage both carry the outstanding Chinese cultural traditions, promoting appropriate protection and utilization of cultural heritage is conducive to advancing the construction of socialist spiritual and material civilization, carrying forward the fine Chinese traditions and maintaining the diversity and creativity of the global culture. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has spent more efforts on innovation-oriented protection and utilization of cultural heritage and has achieved remarkable results. However, some problems still remain to be addressed such as restricted access to cultural heritage resources, low utilization efficiency, inappropriate integration of intangible cultural heritage with modern life and production, insufficient engagement with and innovation of business forms, unclear clauses about prohibited items and inadequate internationalization of industrial incubation. Efforts need to be made to accelerate the institutional reform of the state-owned cultural relic entities, push ahead with innovation-oriented legislation and supervision of cultural heritage protection and utilization, promote open-oriented sharing of cultural heritage resources and improve the incubation mechanism of cultural heritage protection and utilization. It is also necessary to strengthen the construction of supporting platforms for cultural resource sharing in a more innovative manner and in line with relevant international benchmarks.

Key words: cultural heritage, protection, innovation