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The Transformation from Resource-Based Energy Strategy to Technology-Driven Energy Strategy in Energy Sector (No.202, 2018)


By Zhou Jianqi, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.202, 2018 (Total 5477) 2018-11-23

Abstract: The overall global energy investment has declined for three consecutive years, whereas the total amount and proportion of new clean energy investment represented by solar energy have increased significantly. The rapid development of new clean energy resources has been driven by technological innovation, mainly including the wide application of solar and wind power generation technologies and energy storage technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries. Emerging clean energy technologies can be applied anywhere with suitable conditions and are changing the global outlook on energy resources. Global energy investment has shifted to the emerging clean energy sector, and traditional fossil energy is gradually phasing out. China has formed a good foundation for the growth of emerging clean energy industry, but the energy strategy still rests on energy resource endowments and needs to be changed to a technology-driven energy strategy as soon as possible. Relevant policy options are made as follows. The government needs to form a clear and stable emerging clean energy policy system, increase the proportion of investment in technology-driven energy infrastructure, deepen the reform of technology-driven energy market and encourage fossil energy enterprises to transform into technology-driven energy enterprises.

Key words: energy resources, resource endowment, technology-driven, countermeasures