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The Implementation of Pilot Projects in Low-Carbon Cities: Problems and Countermeasures (No.204, 2018)


By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.204, 2018 (Total 5479) 2018-11-27

Abstract: The report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed that China will establish an adequate economic system with green, low-carbon and cyclic development and become a major participant and a contributor while playing a leading role in the course of global ecological civilization drive. The implementation of pilot projects in low-carbon cities is an important leverage for China to cope with climate changes and promote ecological civilization. China has carried out three batches of pilot projects and achieved some positive results in promoting low-carbon development. However, some prominent problems remain to be addressed mainly in the following aspects. The policy objectives lack rigorous enforcement and scientific support, the entities’ rights and responsibilities for policy implementation do not match with each other, and the policy covers too many items and lacks special financial guarantee and corresponding policy evaluation system. The following policy options are made to deal with the said problems. We need to quantify the development goals of low-carbon pilot projects in the cities and add relevant obligations to the goals; we need to incorporate the pilot policy relating to low-carbon cities into the ecological civilization system with corresponding systems and mechanisms; we need to construct a diversified and sustainable financial guarantee mechanism; and we need to improve the policy evaluation standards and establish a pilot exit mechanism.

Key words: pilot projects in low-carbon cities, cope with climate changes, ecological civilization, low carbon development