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The Facilitated Informatization Provides the Technological Foundation for Digital Economic Development (No.212, 2018)


By Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.212, 2018 (Total 5487) 2018-12-6

Abstract: China proposed a framework with Chinese characteristics on the concept of informatization as early as 1997, namely the seven elements-based informatization. The new-generation information technology represented by the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data has exerted important impacts on the seven elements, facilitating the advance of IT application. However, the concepts and theories of informatization are bearing the brunt caused by the popularity of new economic and industrial terms such as information economy, smart city, Internet Plus and digital economy in recent years and the weakening of the concepts and theories of informatization has checked the progress of China's overall informatization strategies. The facilitated informatization provides a scientific and rational ideological and theoretical framework for perceiving digital economy and Internet Plus. In the future, China needs to continue to adhere to the information-based theoretical framework with Chinese characteristics, strengthen research and innovation and develop a scientific and appropriate informatization policy framework by focusing on the new-generation information technology and Internet Plus and pushing ahead with digital economy.

Key words: informatization, seven elements of informatization, the new-generation information technology, digital economy, facilitated informatization