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The Impacts of Digital Transformation on Production Mode and International Economic Architecture and Relevant Countermeasures (No.214, 2018)


By Ma Mingjie, Dai Jianjun & Xiong Hongru, Research Team on “The Transformation of International Economic Architecture and China’s Strategic Options”, DRC

Research Report, No.214, 2018 (Total 5489) 2018-12-7

Abstract: The digital technology revolution is pushing forward the transformation of the digitalization of social production mode worldwide, infiltrating and restructuring the entire economic system, and thus triggering the adjustment of the international economic structure. In the process of digital transformation, digital technology companies have developed rapidly, and the network platform has become an important competitive carrier for various countries. Countries with large-scale network market and friendly innovation environment will enjoy a competitive advantage and manufacturing industries will experience a clustering development in those countries and regions with the competitive power of capital, talented personnel and technology. Investment will accordingly flow to knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive regions, and digital industries and countries with developed networks will take up the lion’s share in international trade. China needs to actively deal with the risks and challenges brought about by the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, address issues spawned by the phasing out of scale advantages, low cost advantages and industrial supporting advantages, accelerate the upgrading of digital transformation of industry, shore up the development of basic technology, improve the original innovation ability, speed up education reform, promote the upgrading of employment structure and flexible employment, and strengthen international cooperation in the field of digital economy.

Key words: digital transformation, production mode, international economic architecture, technology revolution