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How to Avoid “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach in Environmental Treatment
--A Case Study on the Industrial Relocation Park in Qingxin County, Huadu District of Guangzhou City (No.221, 2018)


By Yu Bin, General Office, Yuan Dongming, Enterprise Research Institute & Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.221, 2018 (Total 5496) 2018-12-20

Abstract: It is a major policy of the Chinese authorities to strengthen ecological and environmental protection and prevent and treat pollution. To make the skies become blue and the rivers become clear, various local governments have promulgated relevant policies and measures, and achieved across-the-board results over the past few years in terms of ecological progress. The survey findings show that some local departments have a lopsided understanding of the above-mentioned policies and adopted a “one-size-fits-all” approach in dealing with ecological protection issues, leading to troubles for local industrial development. Currently, the porcelain industry in Qingxin county, Huadu district of Guangzhou city is stuck in this kind of plight. The environmental treatment in the industrial relocation park needs to be coordinated with the goal of addressing potential risks, poverty and pollution and building a well-off society in all respects. While allowing enterprises to choose their appropriate production mode, efforts need to be made to meet the standards for overall discharge and discharge terminal inspection data in light of different technological characteristics of various trades.

Key words: environmental treatment, coal-to-gas project, gas out of coal, industrial relocation parks, porcelain industry