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Construct a Service-Oriented Smart Government Administration in the Digital Economy Era
-- A case study on the performance of Hangzhou Future Hi-Tech City (No.222, 2018)


By Xiang Anbo, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC, Fan Zhigang & Zhou Weihua, Zhejiang University

Research Report, No.222, 2018 (Total 5497) 2018-12-21

Abstract: Hangzhou Future Hi-Tech City in Zhejiang province has constructed a new relationship between government and enterprise in the era of big data by cultivating “enterprise data brain” and realized business data aggregation, enterprise loading profile screen, intelligent analysis software, and integrated operation of management and service. While lending a helping hand to enterprises, the government-led service has become more human-oriented and initiative with more targeted policy measures. The government service has changed from the past extensive management to the present intensive care and the government behavior has shifted from the past mandatory mode to the present impartial manner. All this has enabled the transformation of the industrial park from the past multi-pronged management to the present integrated performance. Enterprises’ demand is now more focused on policy-oriented ecological development. The above-mentioned facts show that the government has blazed a new trial for government service to meet enterprises’ requirements in the digital economy era. In order to achieve more social and economic benefits, it is necessary to gather the high-end elements of digital economic development, further promote the integration and common sharing of data resources based on an open economy, ensure data security, and create innovative platforms and digital economy driving forces in light of the characteristics of modern times.

Key words: digital economy, smart government administration, Future Hi-Tech City