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Global Cross-Border Investment Policies: Changes and Effects (No.5, 2018)


By Zong Fangyu, Research Team on “Countermeasures for Addressing Sino-US Economic and Trade Frictions”, DRC

Research Report, No.5, 2018 (Total 5505) 2019-1-11

Abstract: In recent two years, the environment of global cross-border investment policies has presented some remarkable changes, affected and driven by the major adjustment in US strategies. The developed economies such as the U.S. and some European countries have strengthened security censorship and political considerations on foreign investment. The U.S. has shifted its attitude towards foreign investment from keeping neutral to encouraging return of overseas investment and strives to restructure global economic governance system through withdrawing from some international treaties and organizations. Meanwhile, many developing countries are paying more concern to economic development and working hard to attract and utilize foreign capital. These policy changes have become the major factors affecting the global cross-border investment over the past two years and have exerted far-reaching influence on China’s foreign capital utilization, foreign investment and involvement in global economic governance. In light of the global competition evolution and the policy adjustments by different economies, efforts need to be made to advance reform and opening-up, and create a more attractive business environment; adopt policies tailored to respective national conditions and guide the development of foreign investment in a regulated and sound manner; and proactively participate in global economic governance reform and cultivate a good internal and external environment for development.

Key words: cross-border investment, policy changes, effects, policy options