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Questionnaire Survey Findings Made in 2018 on Early Childhood Development in China (Special Issue, No.16, 2019)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC & Cao Qiting, Changsha Social Work College

Research Report, Special Issue, No.16, 2019 (Total 1644) 2019-1-28

Abstract: The survey findings made by DRC research team show that relevant measures adopted by the government have improved the living conditions of children in some domestic regions covered by the projects of early childhood development to some extent, cultivated and enhanced their abilities in many aspects and raised some parents’ awareness on the management of early childhood development. However, some noteworthy problems still remain to be addressed in China’s early childhood development, such as low proportion of breastfeeding for children, parent-child segregation, frequent occurrence of incidents threatening children’s safety in rural areas, insufficient early childhood education and the lack of communication between parents and children. Therefore, efforts need to be made to push ahead with the encouragement of breastfeeding, better ensuring sanitation and health of infants and young children, caring for children whose parents are not capable of rearing them and developing routine working mechanisms to help children whose parents are migrant workers away from home. Moreover, further efforts need to be made to improve social security and social welfare, enhance publicity on safety-related education for infants and young children as well as temporary and respiratory care service for domestic households and help parents get more early childhood education through holding relevant lectures on elementary care.

Key words: early childhood development, survey, policy options