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The Evaluation of Officials’ Performance in the New Era: Challenges and Countermeasures (No.20, 2019)


By Li Yaokun & Hu Xiao, Research Team on “The Target Requirement and Strategic Issues on High-Quality Development”, DRC

Research Report, No.20, 2019 (Total 5520) 2019-2-26

Abstract: Since reform and opening up, China's evaluation work relating to officials' performance has gradually shifted its focus from the GDP-oriented results to the scientific development-based appraisal that gives preference to quality, benefits and sustainability. The evaluation used to lay stress on the performance of officials, including leading members at various levels on an annual basis, while now a systematic evaluation system is targeted at the fulfillment of their duties and job performance in light of their respective office positions in a more scientific and precise manner. As China's social and economic growth is now focused on high-quality-oriented development, the existing evaluation system is facing some prominent problems such as the mismatch between performance standard and development concepts in the new era, the inadequacy between evaluation content and evaluation standards that fail to meet the requirements of high-quality-oriented development, the lack of scientific and efficient evaluation procedures and methods, and the insufficient mechanism that is not in step with giving incentives and allowing for and addressing mistakes. To further promote the evaluation of officials’ performance in the new era, the following suggestions are made. First, the high-quality development needs to be given more expression in the evaluation of officials’ performance. Second, the administrative management system reform needs to shore up the evaluation of officials’ performance. Third, the performance evaluation management system and organization structure need to be fleshed out. Fourth, relevant implementation standards and technological support need to be strengthened. Fifth, the evaluation results need to be tailored to the incentive mechanisms to motivate officials to fulfill their duties.

Key words: evaluation of officials’ performance, high-quality development, new development concepts