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Historic Evolution and Future Development of Structural Openness of China’s Rural Collective Property Right System(Special Issue, No.18, 2019)


By Ye Xingqing, Research Team on “The Institutional Framework and Policy System of Urban and Rural Integrated Development”, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.18, 2019 (Total 1646) 2019-3-7

Abstract: In the past 40 years, the property rights structure of various collective assets in China’s rural areas has undergone great changes in order to meet the demands generated by rising mobility of domestic population and improve the allocation of resources. However, the direction and extent of changes are not consistent. To promote rural revitalization, China needs to reconstruct the structure of rural collective property rights, allow some rights and obligation to be transferred and allocated across villages and improve the efficiency of rural resource allocation such as collective land. Although the property rights structure of agricultural land has been highly opened, China still needs to continue to follow the guideline of separating rural land ownership rights, contract rights and management rights, differentiating rights for different entities, focusing on agricultural use first, further improving openness of the structure, promoting utilization of land and avoiding waste of land. The property structure of rural for-profit collective land designated for construction projects also needs to be further opened in accordance with the principle of improving planning and management, promoting direct market entry, controlling the use of land, balancing various interests, unifying the market and equalizing rights and obligation. With the development of the domestic market and diversification of income channels of members of collective economic organizations, the property rights structure of collective non-land for-profit assets should be steadily opened.

Key words: collective property rights, agricultural land, collective management construction land, collective non-land assets