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Promote Poverty Alleviation through Integrated Urban-Rural Development (No.30, 2019)


By Yin Haodong, Research Team on “Integrated Urban-Rural Development: Institutional Framework and Policy System”, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.30, 2019 (Total 5530) 2019-3-12

Abstract: The rapid industrialization and urbanization drive in China has remarkably advanced social and economic development of most areas, and enhanced the living conditions in most parts of the country. But constrained by the dual structure in urban and rural economy and relevant factors, some regions and social groups are not able to share in the development dividends, and the poverty-stricken areas and low-income groups evidently lag behind other areas in terms of county-level economic development, the construction of infrastructure facilities, the provision of basic public services and the increase of income. These differences result from the disadvantageous geographical locations, limited natural resources and harsh environment conditions of the poverty-stricken areas, the low-level human resources of poor population and the institutional imbalance between urban and rural areas as well as between different regions. To promote poverty alleviation by integrating urban and rural development is a practically necessary approach in implementing the rural rejuvenation strategy and an inevitable trend for future endeavour in poverty relief. To reach this goal through integrated urban-rural development, efforts need to be made to establish a common sharing mechanism relating to economic dividends and public resources in order to advance the new-type urbanization and rural rejuvenation of poor areas. Besides, human resource capital also needs to be exploited so as to empower the poor population with the ability to share in development dividends and cut off the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

Key words: urban-rural integration, poverty alleviation, poverty