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Strive to Build World-Class Large Steel Enterprise Groups (No.35, 2019)


By Ma Shuping & Li Hanshi, Research Team on “Study of World-class Large Enterprises with Global Competitiveness”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.35, 2019 (Total 5535) 2019-3-19

Abstract: China’s reform and opening up policy and rapid economic growth have created conditions for China’s steel industry to achieve a great-leap-forward development. China’s steel industry has become one of the most competitive industries in the world, with China’s Baowu Steel Group ranking among world-class large steel enterprise groups. However, due to some restrictive factors including market environment, industrial ecology, research and development capacity and relevant factors, the development quality of most of China’s large steel enterprises is still lagging behind that of world-class enterprises. In order to realize the high-quality development of China’s steel enterprises, some policy options are raised as follows. We need to expedite the reform of state-owned enterprises and further improve the efficiency of enterprises. By eliminating the related obstacles, we need to give play to the role of market forces in industry integration, and form a competition pattern in China. We need to improve the environmental standard management system, encourage green development of steel enterprises, flesh out the industrial innovation system and enhance the innovation capability of enterprises. At the same time, enterprises need to advance the reform and development. First, they need to create an industrial ecological sphere to lead the development of the industry. Second, they need to build a refined business system. Third, they need to raise the research and development capability of core technology. And fourth, they need to heighten the ability in integrating global resources.

Key words: steel enterprise groups, high-quality development, world-class industry