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Enforce Certification Credibility to Boost China’s High-quality Economic Development (No.44, 2019)


By Shen Hengchao & Wang Minghui, Research Team on “Objectives, Requirements and Strategic Focuses of High-quality Development”, DRC

Research Report, No.44, 2019 (Total 5544) 2019-4-1

Abstract: The certification credibility in China is relatively weak and without adequate authority, which is not in place with its role in enhancing the quality of goods and services. The main reasons lie in the following facts. First, the government-oriented demand is rather exclusive with limited market access. Second, the government regulation is not in place due to inappropriate punishment over breaches, leading to the distorted effect of bad money driving out the good. Third, the certification service is of poor quality and it could only ensure the basic needs while failing to meet the high-end demand. The experience of U.S., EU and other developed countries and regions shows that certification demand is based on the market performance and service is mainly provided by the market. The government is responsible for system building, market supervision and the cultivation of a sound development environment for business sectors. Meanwhile, if a certification agency fails to fulfill its duties, it will be held accountable for relevant quality problems. Efforts need to be made to draw on international experience and address the above-mentioned problems. The related departments need to straighten up the regulation responsibilities, enhance supervision capabilities and intensify punishment measures accordingly. Institutional reform needs to be conducted to nurture market-based certification agencies, develop voluntary certification and advance international cooperation, so as to elevate the certification credibility, authority and market acceptability.

Key words: certification, qualified assessment, certification credibility, authority