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Strive to Build World-Class Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises (No.49, 2019)


By Ma Yuan, Wang Qingde & Qiaofu, Research Team on “Strive to Build World-class Large Enterprises with Global Competitiveness”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.49, 2019 (Total 5549) 2019-4-9

Abstract: The aviation equipment manufacturing industry is a knowledge-based manufacturing industry with advanced technology and such an industry is facing fierce global competition. China has established large aviation equipment manufacturing enterprises such as China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and China Aero Engine Corporation. Among them, China Aviation Industry Corporation ranks one of the world’s large enterprises in terms of revenue volume and asset index. However, as regards civil big aircraft and aero-engine enterprises, there is still a large room for improvement compared with the world advanced enterprises. In addition, these enterprises’ benefit and R&D investment are both insufficient and market orders are quite limited. Internationally, the world-class enterprises have generally formed a pattern driven by military and civil businesses and with coordinated development of manufacturing and service industries. They have established a multi-level innovation system including cutting-edge innovation, localized innovation and open-and-collaborative-oriented innovation. Chinese enterprises need to depend on the huge domestic market potential, make better use of the two-way spillover effect of military and civil technologies, focus on solving major problems for a pursuant development and make breakthroughs in commercializing civil aviation equipment at an early date. On this basis, efforts need to be made to accelerate the transformation of services and increase investment in innovation so as to gradually narrow the gap with the world first-class enterprises.

Key words: aviation equipment manufacturing, high-quality development, the world first-class enterprises