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The Integration of Urban-Rural Dual Land System (No.53, 2019)


By Zhang Yunhua, Research Team on “Institutional Framework and Policy System on Integrated Urban-Rural Development”, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.53, 2019 (Total 5553) 2019-4-15

Abstract: The urban-rural dual land system is the main issue relating to China’s urban-rural dual system and it heavily restricts the development of urban-rural integration. The essence of urban-rural dual land system rests on the duality of land ownership, which is mainly manifested by the duality of land use right and land proceeds right. In light of this, the approach toward the integration of urban and rural dual land system is to maintain the difference of land ownership, bridge the gap between land use right and land proceeds right, weaken the dual character of urban and rural land and the duality of ownership, strengthen the land use control system, and implement a unified land system between urban and rural areas. The focus of the integration of urban and rural dual land system lies in the integration of urban and rural construction land system. In recent years, China has launched through reform some important integration pilot projects for the marketization of rural collective land designated for business-related construction, the building of rental housing on rural collective construction land, and the implementation of the measures for the administration of trial programs linked to the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land. The key to future integration of urban and rural dual land systems hinges on the unification of land system in terms of land planning, land management, land use, land marketization and ways for the distribution of land proceeds.

Key words: urban-rural dual land system, construction land system, integration