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Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in China: Characteristics, Problems and Countermeasures (No.54, 2019)


By Shen Hengchao, Research Team on “Digital Economic Development and Policy Research in China”, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.54, 2019 (Total 5554) 2019-4-17

Abstract: The development of manufacturing enterprises in China stands at different levels, and their digital transformation includes not only the improvement of informatization of enterprises at a lower level of development, but also the realization of digitalization, networking and intelligence of enterprises at a higher level of development. Under the guidance and support of relevant government departments, China’s manufacturing industry digital transformation has achieved certain results. The level of digitalization, integration and interconnection, as well as intelligent collaboration has been continuously improved, and the scale of industrial Internet applications has kept expanding. However, there are still some problems to be addressed such as the lack of authoritative data standards, insufficient data security, limited data disclosure, lower common sharing level, and relatively weak technology and information infrastructure facilities. These problems will make it difficult to provide more employment opportunities and hinder the further deepening of the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. Relevant government departments need to improve the supporting policies to promote the construction and application of industrial data standards, strengthen data security protection, strive to surmount major technical problems, enhance the supporting capacity of information infrastructure facilities, boost international cooperation, and push ahead with the overall planning of re-employment training and social security system.

Key words: manufacturing industry, transformation and upgrading, digitalization, networking, intelligence