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Evolution and Implementation of Health Impact Assessment in China (Special Issue, No.21, 2019)


By Dong Dandan & Liang Xiaoyun, Research Team on “Health Impact Assessment System”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, Special Issue, No.21, 2019 (Total 1649) 2019-3-15

Abstract: In China, the existing Health Impact Assessment (HIA) works include the environmental impact assessment, occupational hazard assessment in construction projects and the health technology assessment. The lag of HIA system in China is related to the diversification and uncertainty of health impact factors, weak coordination of relevant departments, inadequate technology and personnel reserves, as well as insufficient understanding about HIA of all parties. China’s HIA system still needs to be improved in terms of the structure, supportive policy and technological personnel reserve, the inadequacy of which has resulted in the absence of assessment on health risks of many policies, construction projects and plans. Under the guidance of the new development idea, we need to establish HIA system, promote the legislation of HIA, regulate the assessment procedure at institutional and technological level, and increase HIA personnel reserve, so as to evaluate the health impacts of development programs, policies and major projects in diverse social and economic sectors.

Key words: health impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, health impact