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Health Impact Assessment of House Rental Permit System in Liverpool, England: Practice and Inspiration (Special Issue, No.24, 2019)


By Xu Puheyan & Liang Xiaoyun, Research Team on “Health Impact Assessment System”, Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, Special Issue, No.24, 2019 (Total 1652) 2019-3-15

Abstract: In 1987, Liverpool first proposed a five-year Healthy City Plan to improve the health and welfare of its citizens. In 2013, the Liverpool Housing Authority introduced a health impact assessment scheme when developing the house rental permit system. This paper describes in detail the origin and development of health impact assessment, as well as how to implement it in policy-making process in the context of international cases, and also sorts out typical practices and experiences of health impact assessment systems in foreign countries. Liverpool’s housing rental permit system provides three aspects of inspiration for China in making its own health impact assessment policies. First, the development of health impact assessment requires clear evaluation factors. Second, a crucial point of data collection and evaluation of the assessment index system is public participation. Third, it is necessary to strengthen the role of public health sector and introduce health impact assessment into the policy formulation and implementation process.

Key words: health impact assessment, house rental permit, policy implication