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Cancer in China:
The Status Quo and Burden of Disease (Special Issue, No.26, 2019)


By Wang Weijin & Zhang Xiaolu, Research Team on “The Problems and Countermeasures Relating to the Development of China’s Cancer Physiotherapy Technology”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.26, 2019 (Total 1654) 2019-4-18

Abstract: China is a country with high morbidity of cancer in the world, especially lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer and colorectal cancer. Age-adjusted cancer mortality has not declined as dramatically as in most countries. Viewing from the burden of disease, cancer has become one of the major killers of deaths in China. The loss of healthy life expectancy from cancer is nearly twice that of the global average, and the growth rate is on the rise. The cost of cancer treatment is rising rapidly, bringing huge economic and social burden to the family and the society as a whole. It is advisable to strengthen the control and prevention measures and early screening diagnosis and establish a perfect data statistics information system in light of the main causes and environmental factors leading to cancer incidence in China.

Key words: cancer, burden of disease, life style, environmental pollution