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The Development of China’s Radiotherapy: The Status Quo and Policy Options (Special Issue, No.27, 2019)


By Wang Junli & Zhang Liang, Research Team on “Problems and Countermeasures Relating to the Development of Cancer Physiotherapy Technology in China”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.27, 2019 (Total 1655) 2019-4-18

Abstract: Radiotherapy has become one of the major methods of cancer treatment, and with the technical progress, it will play a more and more important role in the future. China’s radiotherapy in terms of technology, equipment and institutional restructuring has witnessed fast development over the past decade, but it is still lagging behind that of many developed countries and hard to meet the growing needs. Currently, China’s radiotherapy industry is faced with the backward technical R&D and equipment manufacturing, unreasonable layout, imperfect service ability and inadequate number of medical personnel. Efforts need to be made to improve the technical R&D, equipment manufacturing and application capacity of radiotherapy by strengthening international cooperation, enhance the service ability by optimizing the industrial development pattern, and facilitate the training of radiotherapy personnel so as to address the above-mentioned issues.

Key words: radiotherapy, status quo, problems, policy options