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Policy Options on Improving Cancer Treatment in China Through Proton Heavy Ion Technology(Special Issue, No.29, 2019)


By Li Jianwei & Zhao Zheng, Research Team on “Problems and Countermeasures Relating to the Development of Cancer Physiotherapy Technology in China”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.29, 2019 (Total 1657) 2019-4-18

Abstract: Cancer is one of the major diseases that seriously threaten the health of Chinese people. The technology of proton heavy ion radiotherapy is featured by high cure rate, high precision and limited side effects. It can effectively improve the local control probability and the survival rate and living quality of cancer patients. It has become an internationally-recognized advanced means of physical therapy. The application of proton heavy ion radiotherapy technology in China got off to a late start. In light of the increased number of cancer patients in China, it is necessary to improve the application plan of proton heavy ion radiotherapy technology, ameliorate proton heavy ion radiotherapy equipment through innovation and introduction, strengthen the training of professional personnel in proton heavy ion radiotherapy technology, actively carry out international scientific cooperation in this field, encourage private medical service institutions to promote the application of such a technology and further improve the level of physiotherapy for cancer treatment so as to meet the growing needs of the people for better health.

Key words: proton heavy ion technology, physiotherapy for cancer treatment, private medical service institutions