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Land Use Regulation in Pilot Areas of National Park System: Progress, Problems and Countermeasures (No.60, 2019)


By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine & Luo Min, Environmental Protection Magazine

Research Report, No.60, 2019 (Total 5560) 2019-4-26

Abstract: The unified regulation of land use is an important measure for national parks to protect and restore the life community of mountain, water, forest, farmland, and grassland ecosystem, and is also an effective way to deal with the fragmented management of conservation areas. As far as the current pilot system of the national park is concerned, the progress of unified regulation of land use mainly relies on the spatial integration based on the across-the-board management institutions. In spite of the swift progress made in national park pilot system, there are also some issues to be addressed. First, the regulatory bodies do not have a unified regulation power over the use of land; second, the boundaries of some areas and the property rights of natural resources are not clearly defined, easily leading to controversial disputes; third, the regulatory bodies’ work is involved in areas beyond their regulatory framework. With regard to these issues, the paper makes a case study on Sanjiangyuan and Qianjiangyuan National Park pilot areas which have played a leading role in the reform of national park pilot areas and analyzes how to remove the hurdles in land use regulation through the unification of the comprehensive environmental law enforcement rights and the innovation of the easement system. In conclusion, it gives corresponding solutions to solve the relevant problems in light of the experience gained by pilot areas.

Key words: national parks, land use regulation, easement