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Ensure Harmonious Co-existence between Man and Nature in Nature Reserve Zones through the Building of Easement Protection System (No.61, 2019)


By Su Hongqiao & Su Yang, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.61, 2019 (Total 5561) 2019-4-28

Abstract: Nature reserve zones cover one fifths of China’s territory and serve as an important vehicle for the ecological progress of the country. But restraints induced by population growth and land use have made it difficult for overall management, fund pooling and scientific regulation, leading to tangible contradictions between man and nature. With regard to the collective land and community residents in nature reserve zones, the previous ways of land expropriation, land leasing and migration for ecological purpose have not only wasted money and manpower, but also paid no heed to the advises on protecting the co-existence between man and nature. The easement protection system based on refined needs can not only cost-effectively meet the demand for land protection and maintain beneficial man-and-nature relationship without changing land ownership, but also, based on the platform for ecological products and green development brands, provide access to social forces to participate in nature protection, and realize unified management across different sectors. The easement protection reform in national park system pilot areas has yielded certain results, but the regulatory measures and related rules and regulations need to be fleshed out. It is hoped that these efforts could pave the way for the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in nature reserve zones.

Key words: easement protection, nature reserve zones, national park system