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Contemporary Entrepreneurship: Characteristics, Influential Factors and Policy Options (No.67, 2019)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.67, 2019 (Total 5567) 2019-5-8

Abstract: The research team on Chinese Entrepreneur Survey System organized by the Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources of DRC conducted a questionnaire survey in 2018 over one thousand business operators. The survey findings show that contemporary entrepreneurship is imbued with the following characteristics. The business operators honor credibility and show more respect to others,; they are more responsible and are willing to make more contributions to the society; they value innovation and are acute to seize opportunities to sharpen sustainable competitive edges; they are more dedicated to their career with perseverance; and they pay more attention to improving personal quality and ability and on-the-job training. The research findings also note that domestic enterprises are facing profound external changes which have imposed on businesses great difficulties and mounting pressure. Chinese entrepreneurs hope that the government could keep a sound and stable policy to boost entrepreneurs’ confidence, create favourable business environment, especially a law-based environment based on social integrity to ensure property rights protection and further promote entrepreneurship.

Key words: entrepreneurship, external business environment, questionnaire survey