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The Development of Long-term Elderly Care Service System in Taiwan Province: Experience and References (No.70, 2019)


By Ren Xingzhou, Ma Kun, Lan Jianqin & Yao Zhi, Research Team on “Elderly Care Service in Taiwan Province”, China International Association for Urban and Rural Development

Research Report, No.70, 2019 (Total 5570) 2019-5-13

Abstract: From the beginning of the 1990s, the number of aging population in Taiwan province has kept increasing. By drawing on the experience of Japan, the United States and some European countries and in light of the local conditions, Taiwan province has, through different stages, gradually set up a diversified and effective long-term elderly care service system model in a row with a clear system-oriented goal. Significant achievements have been made by focusing on legal and policy support and the integration and connection of various welfare systems, establishing a hierarchical service system, paying attention to key service targets, emphasizing the orderly promotion of medical and elderly care services, capital input and resource integration, strengthening the personnel ability training, and improving the skills of elderly care workers. These system measures have resulted in the improvement of home care service, day care service and home care service outlets and enhanced the development of long-term care service industry in Taiwan province. The experience gained by Taiwan province makes good reference for the development of long-term elderly care service in Chinese mainland.

Key words: long-term care, old-age service mode, service system, policy options