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The Development of Insurance Technology: Existing Problems and Policy Options (Special Issue, No.35, 2019)


By Zhu Junsheng, Wang Min & Zhu Peibiao, Research Team on “China’s Financial Technology: Status Quo, Advance Trend and Development Strategy”, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.35, 2019 (Total 1663) 2019-5-9

Abstract: Recent years have witnessed a continuous increase of financing for insurance technology industry along with its across-the-board application in different sectors. Various entities have innovated risk management approaches based on the comprehensive application of a series of digital technology to improve insurance service efficiency and service capacity and foster the development of innovative businesses. The innovation of insurance technology also brings about some challenges. For example, there are still some defects in the application of insurance technology and technological innovation is yet to be strengthened; the Internet information security and client information protection system still call for further enhancement; the cross-border participation of multiple entities has imposed certain impacts on the current market pattern; new technology itself is imbued with high risks and uncertainties; the challenges in face of supervision on insurance technology are increasing; and the information infrastructure of insurance industry remains to be promoted and perfected. In light of the challenges imposed on insurance industry, insurance institutes need to improve their innovation capability based on the comprehensive application of insurance technology, and make profound reforms in terms of personnel training, organizational structure improvement and culture enhancement. In the meantime, work needs to be done to push ahead with fundamental infrastructure construction, data protection and supervision innovation, and foster a sound institutional environment for insurance technology development.

Key words: insurance technology, risk prevention, data-sharing, supervision innovation