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Promote Key Reforms to Address Problems and Offer Better Governments’ Services (No.77, 2019)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Chinese People’s Livelihood”, DRC

Research Report, No.77, 2019 (Total 5577) 2019-5-23

Abstract: The study conducted by the research team on Chinese people’s livelihood shows that the satisfaction of respondents with government services was generally stable and improving in 2018. But differences are still exist between different regions and groups. There are four main manifestations: the self-employed or households are more satisfied with government services than other groups; the satisfaction of people who received on-site services is improved compared with the previous year; people who chose online services mainly live in developed provinces and their satisfaction is relatively high; and respondents from different provinces have different feeling towards government services. The survey also finds out that some long-standing problems have yet to be fully addressed. For example, there is a relatively strong voice demanding for simplified paperwork and criticism on inaction behavior; the setting of service windows is unreasonable and standards of service items are not uniformed; there is a large room for improvement in terms of people-machine interaction and timely processing; and the consistency between on-site and online processing also needs to be further optimized. Therefore, we need to focus on people’s demands, fully understand the underlying reasons behind problems, connect our current task with future development, implement policies according to categories, ensure matters be dealt with without the need for a second visit, and further improve people’s satisfaction with government services.

Key words: government services, reforms that delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services, once-and-for-all service, research on Chinese people’s livelihood