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Actively Explore the Value Realization Mechanism for Beaches as Eco-Friendly Products
-- A case study on Dapeng New District in Shenzhen (No.78, 2019)


By Li Zuojun & Zhou Jianqi, Research Team on “Eco-friendly Products of Dapeng New District in Shenzhen”, Institute for Resources and Environmental Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.78, 2019 (Total 5578) 2019-5-24

Abstract: Exploring the mechanism to realize the value of beaches, which are a kind of eco-friendly products, is an important measure to apply General Secretary Xi Jinping’s statement that lush mountain and lucid waters are invaluable assets. It is also an important part of the reform of state-owned natural resources and assets management system. Relying on its advantages of beach resources, Shenzhen Dapeng New District fulfills the duty as a pilot national demonstration zone for ecological conservation and actively explores the mechanism to realize the value of beaches, which are a kind of eco-friendly products. However, it is urgent to solve the problems of unclear property rights, unsound system, disordered development and insufficient utilization of beaches’ economic value. These problems are universal and typical. It is advisable to take Dapeng New District as a pilot national demonstration zone for realizing the value of beaches and actively explore the pathway and corresponding mechanism for the value realization of beaches. The following main points should be followed in the exploration: 1. Clarify the property rights of beach resources; 2. allow transactions of management rights of beach resources; 3. explore a sharing mechanism of beach resources; 4. streamline the management system of beach resources; 5. strengthen the supervision on the development and utilization of beach resources; 6. expand the channels to realize the value of beach resources. The exploration of Dapeng New District can serve as a model for other regions to learn from.

Key words: beach resources, mechanism to realize the value of eco-friendly products, policy options