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Integrating Planning and Optimizing Urban and Rural Spatial Structure as an Important Basis for Rural Revitalization (Special Issue, No.37, 2019)


By Qin Zhongchun, Research Team on“Institutional Framework and Policy System on Integrative Urban and Rural Development”, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.37, 2019 (Total 1665) 2019-5-24

Abstract: The important basis for implementing rural revitalization strategy is the optimization and adjustment of urban and rural spatial structure. This requires planning and integration, which means to plan urban and rural areas as an organic whole, let planning play a guiding and restraining role, and promote the optimal allocation of resources across time. At present, there are still obvious problems in the spatial structure of urban and rural development in China. It is necessary to unify the guiding principles to strengthen planning management, solve key problems to optimize planning content, improve working procedures to open planning process, and perfect responsibility mechanisms to enhance planning effectiveness. To carry out planning and integration, we need to make sure that the planning be advanced, effective, open to public, and adhering to rule of law. The following measures are suggested: we should further integrate the planning departments and agencies to improve urban and rural planning responsibilities; stick to the planning principle of combining framework with fine details and full coverage to promote coordination of urban and rural planning management; focus on planning infrastructure construction to strengthen urban and rural infrastructure development; clarify priority of government support and development pattern of public products to facilitate optimal allocation of urban and rural resources; further the reform of fundamental systems, and improve basic urban and rural management mechanisms.

Key words: rural revitalization, spatial optimization, structural adjustment, planning and integration