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Optimize Management Mode in Line with Technological Advance to Provide More Cancer Patients with Timely Proton Therapy Treatment (No.86, 2019)


By Yuan Dongming, Zhou Jianqi & Ma Shuping, Research Team on “Research of Innovation-Oriented Development of High-End Medical Facilities”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.86, 2019 (Total 5586) 2019-6-15

Abstract: The proton and heavy ion therapy is generally recognized as the most advanced radiotherapy technology in the world. Based on its full-fledged technology, it has been massively applied in clinical treatment in various countries. However, China only has one hospital in Shanghai providing proton and heavy ion treatment, which can admit less than 700 patients every year. As China has four million new cancer patients every year, the clinical application of proton radiotherapy is rather insufficient and China needs to move faster to equip more hospitals with proton and heavy ion facilities. Domestic and foreign technological progress, clinical experience and technical know-how plus the pooling of qualified personnel have enabled China to promote the clinical application of proton radiotherapy. But it should be noted that the management mode of proton facilities in China still fall behind technological development, which hinders the expansion of clinical application. To this end, we need to make a big push to follow the trend of technological development, optimize the management mode of proton facilities in a timely manner and stimulate non-governmental investment with appropriate guidance so that more cancer patients could get access to the advanced proton radiotherapy and receive timely treatment.

Key words: proton radiotherapy, small proton therapy equipment, management mode