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An Information-Based Policy Research Stance: Policy Research Takes a New Approach (No.100, 2019)


By Chen Bo, Information Center, DRC & Hu Xiaoyang, State Research Information Technology Co. Ltd. (SRIT)

Research Report, No.100, 2019 (Total 5600) 2019-6-26

Abstract: The information-based policy research is different from that of administrative work of government departments, production processes of enterprises or service procedures of organizations. The development of information-based platforms that support policy research lacks adequate references drawn from proven practices. However, if the policy research work is based on the proper approaches by figuring out the demand of information systems in light of the needed information, the roadmap leading to information-based channel for policy research could be found. Problem-oriented stance and heuristic-guided stance are two common thinking modes in policy research work. Different thinking modes are correspondingly related to differentiated ways of information connection, while actual work calls for the combination of the two thinking modes. The transformation and connection of the two thinking modes are realized through information. Based on an analysis of how information plays a role in ways of thinking, this paper proposes some practical methods for the construction of information platforms to shore up policy research work.

Key words: think tank, policy research, thinking modes, informatization