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Focus on People’s Major Concerns and Address Problems Affecting Their Livelihood (No.101, 2019)


--An analysis based on a questionnaire survey on livelihood of 10,000 Chinese households By Cheng Yu & Ruan Rongping, Research Team on “Chinese People’s Livelihood”, DRC

Research Report, No.101, 2019 (Total 5601) 2019-6-27

Abstract: According to the results of the household questionnaire survey conducted in 2018 by the research team of DRC on “Chinese people’s livelihood”, health care and income are the top issues in people’s life, and education is the major concern for those with children. In terms of living environment, respondents are most concerned about food safety and transportation, plus wide notice to environmental pollution. The rise in medical costs makes respondents care more about health care. Respondents’ low income in rural areas and counties drops by a large margin, so income is naturally the issue they care about most. With the development of regional economy and the improvement of income level, people have a growing demand for living environment, and they are more concerned about food safety and environmental pollution. Respondents of some areas are particularly concerned about traffic convenience, environmental pollution and social security. We need to focus on the key problems and implement targeted measures to improve people’s well being according to the features of these practical problems in different regions, sectors and social groups.

Key words: people’s concerns, household survey, family life, living environment