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Accelerate Exploration and Practices of Grass Carbon Sinks Transaction Market (No.104, 2019)


By Li Zuojun & Yu Min, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.104, 2019 (Total 5604) 2019-7-2

Abstract: Grassland protection is closely related to China's ecological security, agricultural and animal husbandry development, national unity and border stability. China has a vast area of grassland, which boasts a huge potential for carbon sequestration. Opening up a sector for carbon sinks in the carbon trading market and exploring the launch of a grass carbon sinks transaction market are of great significance for speeding up grassland ecological conservation, easing the pressure of emission reduction, coordinating the conservation of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes and grass systems, realizing the value of ecological products and optimizing the allocation of resources. To explore the possibility of establishing a grass carbon sinks trading market, the relevant government departments need to take quick steps to incorporate this kind of transaction with the national ecological program as an important component part of the environmental treatment and ecological protection market system. The research on the system of relevant laws, regulations and standards for grass carbon sinks trading needs to be accelerated. Grassland provinces could be selected to carry out the pilot projects for grass carbon sinks trading market and the carbon emission rights trading market could give an impetus to the development of carbon sinks trading market. Besides, a sound system needs to be established and improved swiftly for the statistics, reporting, monitoring, verification, evaluation, assessment, supervision and other aspects of grass carbon sinks.

Key words: grass carbon sinks, transaction market, green development