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DRC Vice-President visits Brazil and Argentina


At the invitation of the Brazilian Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA) and the Argentine Secretariat of Agriculture (the ministerial level), Wang Anshun, Vice-President of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), visited the two countriesto research their agricultural development and cooperation with China in agricultural trade and investment.

During his stay in Brazil, Wang went to MAPA, met with relevant officials to discuss Brazil's agricultural development planning and related policies, its development of agricultural technology, and its position on WTO agricultural agreement reform and prospects for China-Brazil agricultural trade and investment cooperation. Wang visited three Brazilian food and agriculture associations, and exchanged views with their leaders on the export situation, development potential and bilateral trade relations between China and Brazil.

Wang attended a seminar on Chinese-funded enterprises held by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Representative Office in Brazil, where he exchanged views with representatives on Brazilian trade, investment, and taxation policies, as well as challenges faced by Chinese-funded agricultural enterprises and their development potential.

DRC Vice-President visits Brazil and Argentina
DRC delegation visits COFCO Brazil at the Port of Santos. [photo/drc.gov.cn]

In addition, the delegation led by Wang also went to the Port of Santos, where they learned about agricultural product logistics, warehousing and export facilities of COFCO Brazil, and exchanged information with relevant business leaders on the export of Brazil's agricultural products and Chinese enterprises' investments in agriculture in Brazil.

DRC Vice-President visits Brazil and Argentina

Wang Anshun (2nd right) meets with State Secretary of Agroindustry of Argentina Luis Miguel Etchevehere in Argentina. [photo/drc.gov.cn]

During his stay in Argentina, Wang met with Luis Miguel Etchevehere, State Secretary of Agroindustry of Argentina. They exchanged views on agricultural development planning and policies, the position of Argentina in the reform of WTO agricultural agreements, China-Argentina agricultural trade and investment cooperation and development potential. Wang also visited the Agricultural Expo.

DRC Vice-President visits Brazil and Argentina

Wang Anshun (2nd right) visits Agricultural Expo in Argentina. [photo/drc.gov.cn]

The delegation went to a family farm in Argentina and learned about the development and growth potential of the livestock industry. The delegation was also welcomed at the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, where they held talks on Argentina’s export of agricultural and livestock products, cooperation with China, and its position in international trade negotiations.

Wang met with Chinese Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming and Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Zou Xiaoli to exchange views on agricultural trade cooperation between China and the two countries.