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The Development of Artificial Intelligence in the U.S.: Relevant Policies and Enlightenments (No.110, 2019)


By Zhang Xin, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.110, 2019 (Total 5610) 2019-7-10

Abstract: The United States has been a front-runner in the world in terms of research and development (R&D) as well as the application of artificial intelligence (AI). US policies and practices in promoting the development of AI make good reference to China. Since 2016, the U.S. has introduced a good number of policies on issues relating to technology, economy, society and ethics to cope with the institutional changes and plans pertinent to AI. The U.S. has also unveiled a series of policies and measures to promote the development of AI since President Trump took office. With regard to the policy for development, the US federal government has focused on promoting international cooperation on the development of AI, developing top-level mechanisms for coordination, increasing R&D and industrial investment and improving STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and training. As regards rules and regulations, the U.S. has steadily improved institutional rules and regulations along with AI development, paved the way for AI market access and established mechanisms to ensure AI’s smooth development as well as prevent and control relevant ethic risks in a timely manner. The enlightenments drawn from US practices include the following points. China needs to move faster to improve top-level coordination mechanisms, increase governmental input in AI’s R&D, attach more importance to STEM education and take positive measures to fend off the risks that might be induced by AI development.

Key words: development of artificial intelligence, policies and practices, the United States