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Enhance the Skills of the Impoverished Population Is the Fundamental Solution to Addressing Endogenous Poverty Reduction
-- A case study on development in Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province and relevant enlightenments (No.112, 2019)


By Zhang Yunhua & Zhou Qunli, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.112, 2019 (Total 5612) 2019-7-12

Abstract: Enhancing the skills of the impoverished population is an important way to cultivate the endogenous power of poverty alleviation. In light of the low educational level and the lack of skills of the poor people, the local government in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province first encouraged the poor people to shift away from outdated social practices. It required the people to overcome their slackness and the mindset of depending on the government for subsistence and cultivate the idea of getting rich through hard labor. The government strived in many ways to raise the people’s educational level and strengthen their skill training. The practice and experience of Liangshan Prefecture show that by boosting their self-confidence, the poor people could gradually become resolved to get rid of poverty with enhanced confidence. Through mastering relevant knowledge and related technical know-how, the poor people including local officials got to know how to get rid of poverty and how to increase their income. The above-mentioned measures are the fundamental way out for addressing the problem of endogenous poverty reduction in poverty-stricken areas in the long run. Facts show that we need to, in the first place, sharpen the impoverished people’s awareness through education on the importance of fostering a self-reliance and self-improvement approach and make efforts to enable them to develop intellectually and technically and by so doing steer them to step out of poverty.

Key words: raising the self-confidence, nurturing the wisdom, enhancing skills, endogenous poverty, Liangshan Prefecture