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The Development of China’s Logistics Platforms: Status Quo, Problems and Policy Options(No.122, 2019)


By Wei Jigang, Research Team on “The Development and Regulation of Platform Economy”, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.122, 2019 (Total 5622) 2019-7-26

Abstract: The logistics platform is a media that provides connectivity, interaction, matching and value creation for logistics supply and demand and related entities. It can significantly improve the efficiency of resource allocation, reduce cost and promote industrial upgrading. In recent years, domestic logistics platforms have grown rapidly and shown a trend of diversified development, and the service performance of some platforms has reached the world’s advanced level. However, the industry is still in its infancy on the whole, with some prominent problems to be addressed in business model, pricing, quality and market order. In particular, the monopoly of logistics platforms has gradually loomed up and the development of logistics platforms has imposed challenges on the traditional government supervision. The future development of logistics platforms need to take a demand-oriented and market-based stance, promote specialization-based performance suited to respective platforms, expand “Internet Plus” and “Intelligence Plus” channels, continue to innovate the business models and build an open and coexisted ecosystem with shared benefits. The government needs to lay emphasis on the development of logistics platforms, create a favorable environment for them, accelerate the improvement of regulatory rules, innovate regulatory mode, and guide logistics platforms to enforce self-regulation.

Key words: logistics platform, development, supervision