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The Promotion of Craftsmanship and the Cultivation of Qualified Personnel (No.126, 2019)


By Wei Jigang, Research Team on “High-Quality Development Goals and Strategic Focus”, DRC

Research Report, No.126, 2019 (Total 5626) 2019-8-1

Abstract: The spirit of craftsmanship is imbued with a strong responsibility to pursue high quality products and consummate service and this spirit is based on consistent perseverance, high devotion, ardent passion, and the courage to make innovations. With a solid foundation for craftsmanship, China enjoys a time-honored history in this respect, and has made great contributions to the enrichment of Chinese civilization. However, the economic transition and social changes over the last century, and especially in the course of market-based transformation, have somehow eroded the soil for the nurturing of craftsmanship. Compared with the requirements of social and economic development, the number of China’s craftsmen and people with high professional knowledge is rather limited, which not only weakens China’s industrial competitiveness, but also causes huge social and economic costs. The following policy options are proposed to change the picture. First, attention needs to be paid to the cultivation of craftsmanship and the number of high skilled personnel. The government needs to formulate and implement a quality-driven craftsmanship strategy, improve the treatment and social status of skilled personnel by a big margin, establish a refined system for skill training and promotion, enhance the evaluation system for professional and skilled talents and foster a social atmosphere to advocate craftsmanship.

Key words: craftsmanship, a galaxy of talents, quality