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Build up Health Education and Promotion at the Workplace (Special Issue, No.69, 2019)


By Zhang Bingzi, Wang Yanling, Liu Jingnan & Yao Lu, Research Team on “Improving China’s Health Education System”, Social Development Research Department, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.69, 2019 (Total 1697) 2019-9-18

Abstract: Workplace health education and promotion aims at building up the fitness of workers and boosting sustainable economic and social development. Many developed countries and regions have made great progress in the theory and practice on workplace health education and promotion programs through legislation, funding and technical support provided by government departments . Over the past few decades, China has continuously improved its system in this field, expanded the target enterprises and industries, enriched the programs and accumulated rich experience, but it also faces severe challenges. Occupational safety risks are still relatively high; chronic diseases among the working-age population are increasingly prominent; both the government and society have not yet formed full awareness or introduced sufficient input in health education at workplace; and it is difficult to cope with complex health risks and meet new health demands. In the future, occupational safety and health supervision need to be strengthened to promote cooperation between different parties. Publicity needs to be enhanced to raise the awareness of enterprises and the public. Relevant government departments and agencies should provide employers with more feasible health promotion programs to raise their capabilities in this regard. Differentiated encouragement policies need to be adopted to explore health promotion models that meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and freelance employees.

Key words: workplace, health education, occupational safety, occupational health