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Rural Governance Needs to Target at Social Order Construction (Special Issue, No.114, 2019)


By Qin Zhongchun, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.114, 2019 (Total 1742) 2019-11-22

Abstract: At present, China’s rural governance has entered a new historical phase. The key to rural governance is to solve three major issues, namely the fulfillment of ideological and cultural needs of the people, the improvement of social management of the people and the provision of public services for the people. Rural governance marks a heavy responsibility and an urgent task to provide an important guarantee for rural revitalization. The ultimate goal is to establish a sound and stable social order in rural areas. To reach this goal, we need to take into account the following aspects. 1. We need to, in light of the flow of population between urban and rural areas, expand the scope of rural governance entities, establish a governance framework and enforce governance in line with the principle of co-construction with shared management and common benefits. 2. We need to strengthen the management of rural personnel, get to know the current situation of rural residents, improve the contact mechanism, and improve the registration system. 3. We need to guide the progress of rural residents, transform people’s concepts, promote the public modernization and consolidate the foundation of good governance. 4. We need to properly handle the contradictions among rural residents, pay attention to the implementation of policies with moderate modification of some stipulations in the course of reform, improve the governance system, and ensure social stability. 5. We need to meet rural residents’ requirements with focus laid on the implementation of policies in a classified manner and at different levels, and make innovations relating to systems and mechanisms, so as to effectively solve relevant problems. 6. We need to take a proper attitude toward the changes of rural residents, correctly explain the differences between people, support social mobility, and work out a plan for the gradual transformation of rural areas.

Key words: rural governance, key issues, ultimate goal, the construction of social order