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Comprehensive Law Enforcement Reform of Ecological and Environmental Protection Needs to be Phased in on a Trial Basis and Sector by Sector (No.209, 2019)


By Su Hongqiao & Su Yang, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.209, 2019 (Total 5709) 2019-11-27

Abstract: Since the introduction of the Master Plan for Institutional Reform of Ecological and Environmental Protection, the reform in the sector of ecological environment has been advanced across the board. However, this sector involves many issues, relevant laws and regulations are not in place, some reform measures lack coordination and consistency, and the number of law professionals at grassroots level is relatively inadequate. If the comprehensive law enforcement reform of ecological and environmental protection is to be carried out at one go and in an all-round way, it might encounter difficulties in the course of implementation and even fail to meet the expected goal. It is advisable to phase in pilot projects sector by sector. Nature reserves, which account for nearly one fifth of China’s total land area, are in urgent need of comprehensive law enforcement reform on resources and conditions are quite favorable for current reform. Consequently the pilot projects can be started from that sector. Efforts could be made first to shore up the weak links in relevant laws and regulations, systems and the capacity of law professionals in the field of ecological environment according to the pilot experience gained in comprehensive law enforcement, and then, based on the need of comprehensive law enforcement, promote reforms in some other sectors such as comprehensive law enforcement on water pollution. In this way, the reform results would be more desirable and it is possible to truly reflect the advantages brought about by comprehensive law enforcement.

Key words: comprehensive law enforcement of ecological and environmental protection, public security reform, nature reserves, national parks