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Government Data and Government Data Integration (No. 217, 2019)


By Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No. 217, 2019 (Total 5717) 2019-12-10

Abstract: As a continuously evolving concept, government data have been closely tied to technological revolution. During the process, government data have been linked to the following issues in an orderly manner such as information disclosure, the construction of special database for the government, business system integration, the development of big data industry, the construction of data management and the management of government data assets. In the meantime, to realize the internal sharing of government data and offering access to the public have always been the two goals for the development of e-government and government data. In line with the development trend of the knowledge system of data management and by drawing the experience of international and domestic government data development, we need to integrate the relevant aspects of government data with the aim of realizing the two goals mentioned above. The integration of government data is the technological basis for its sharing and offering an access to the public. Only by properly tackling the integration could address the issue of common sharing and offering an access to the public in an effective way. The integration of government data contains the following four aspects, namely the integration of its framework, business integration, data integration and system integration.

Key words: government data, common sharing, offer access to the public, integration